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Consistency Management
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Consistency Management & Cooperative Discipline® (CMCD®) balances instructional, organizational, and behavioral management using SEL to focus on student self-assessment and engagement. Emphasis is placed on prevention, caring, organization, cooperation, and community. Consistency in the classroom and schoolwide is built collaboratively with students.

CMCD improves classroom organization and management, and increases the extent to which students take responsibility for the school and classroom climate as well as their own learning. CMCD recognitions:

  • CMCD teachers and students gains 2.6 to 5.4 weeks of instructional time for learning (Opuni  2006)

  • CMCD was included in a meta-analysis review findings and listed as one of a few programs that improved mathematics achievement (Slavin & Lake, 2008)

  • CMCD in British secondary schools improved behavior and national examinations as reported by Harwood (2008) for the London Challenge Report.

  • South Carolina recognizes CMCD for dropout prevention (South Carolina Dept. of Education, 2007)

  • CMCD improved student discipline and reading in national study (Eiseman, 2005)

  • Scientific panel recognized quality of CMCD research (Iowa Math Content Network Review, 2004)

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Dr. H. Jerome Freiberg

Dr. Freiberg is a John & Rebecca Moores University Professor in the College of Education, at the University of Houston. He is also the Director and Founder of the Consistency Management & Cooperative Discipline more..

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CMCD recognized by the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention’s Model Programs Guide. and will soon be included as a Promising Crime Prevention program at CrimeSolutions.gov